Media Relations & Training

The news business is evolving every day in an effort to meet the changing landscape of how consumers want to receive what they’re offering. If you are not engaging with the media and meeting them where they are, then you’re missing out on the most influential megaphone available. 

It’s called, “earned media influence”. This is what bolsters your third party credibility and puts you in position to influence current and prospective clients or customers. It is also the most difficult type of media to get. That is why you need someone who knows the media and the journalists locally and nationally to help you showcase your business.

 I spent more than two decades inside newsrooms. I know what makes them tick and what they are looking for.  They are not going to just put everyone on TV, or in their online publication because they want to be. I will work with you and your team to cultivate a relationship with the media and help you prepare for your opportunity to enhance your reputation.